Sick Side Muay Thai

Los Angeles

Etiquette and Equipment

Gym etiquette

Always be on time; arrive 5 to 10 minutes before class in order to wrap your hands and stretch.

Let the instructor know if you have any injury/injuries to be best accommodated.

If you're under the weather please be considerate of yourteammates health, if severe we would advise you to stay home until full recovery.

Students are to enter the mat barefoot. If you are late you must be acknowledged by the instructor and wai in.

After warm ups or any drills, please neatly put away any equipment used. These are the tools we use to sharpen our skills treat them with RESPECT.

Water breaks will be given by the instructor and no leaning against the wall or sitting down while class is in session.

Wai in and wai out to show respect to the gym, your teammates and instructors.

Gear for class

Boxing gloves between 10 to 16 oz

180 inch wraps

Muay Thai attire preferred such as Thai shorts, ankle sleeves.

Water may or may not be provided so bring your own just to be safe.

Team T-shirt


Gear for sparring

Please note that sparring is NOT mandatory for everyone. If you have any interest let the instructor know and they'll give you the ok when they feel you're ready.

16oz gloves

Shin guards

Mouth guard

Groin cup

Elbow pads

Knee pads

Head gear (personal choice)

Sick Side Muay Thai

4472 West Adams Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90016

(323) 484-4662