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Tuesday class: 8:30pm

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About Sick Side

Sick Side Muay Thai Los Angeles started in 2019. The roots trace back to one of the most prestigious Muay Thai camps in Thailand known as Sityodtong created by Yodtong Senanan.

Although our traditional style is used by our fighters today we've added modern day techniques such as head movement, shifting stances and boxing techniques just to name a few. We believe in merging the traditional style of Muay Thai and today's techniques to bridge the gap between the generations of the past and present.

Sick Side Muay Thai is one of the most versatile gyms in the greater Los Angeles area, it's a great fit for those looking to get in shape for general fitness or to compete in battle. Our unique classes cater to beginners and advanced students, which makes it possible for individuals of different levels to partner up with one another.

Whether this is the first time you’ve ever thrown a punch or if you’ve thrown thousands…
Everyone is welcome!


Class Schedule as of June 10, 2020

Monday 10:00am (Traditional). 7:30pm (Zoom), 8:30pm (Traditional)
Tuesday 8:30pm (Traditional / ZOOM)
Wednesday 10:00am (Traditional). 5:30pm (Traditional / ZOOM)
Thursday 8:30pm (Traditional / ZOOM)
Friday 10:00am (Traditional)
Saturday Noon (Traditional / ZOOM)

Spaces are limited to 6 people per class. Make sure to reserve your spot ahead of time!

Kids Muay Thai classes postponed for time-being.

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Discipline, Dedication, and Determination


Oscar Moller


Personal Trainer & Coach

“Oscar is an incredible fighter, coach and mentor - and what sets him aside is that he puts his heart and soul into each session. When you train with Oscar, you not only get a killer workout but you grow as a fighter and begin to understand the “why” to the combos you’re doing - and thats because he’s genuinely invested in each and every person who walks through the door. - Taylor

“Oscar Moller’s dedication to Muay Thai is evident the second you meet him. Not only does he care that you get a great workout, he cares about your technique, breathing, footwork, everything! He makes sure you understand every movement, pushes you to be better, and by the end of it all, always makes you feel like a champ.” - Helen

“Oscar teaches with passion.  Training sessions never end on the hour.   There's always 15-30 minutes of extra work.  Everyone in his class gets individual attention and individual instruction.  It's not unusual to see Oscar going a couple of rounds with students one on one after the class, always helping them with technique or just giving them a little extra work if he sees that the class wasn't enough.  If you decide that you want to push your limits, he will be there for you making sure that happens.” -Dmitriy

Eugene Cacho


“Eugene will have you smiling the entire time you’re getting your ass kicked in class - he’s a passionate coach who knows what he’s doing. He has a gift in creating these combos and drills that will make you feel like you’re an olympian.” - Taylor

“Eugene Cacho is about as kind and supportive as trainers come. That doesn’t mean he won’t make you sweat! His ability to understand and cater to his clients’ needs allows him to create the best workout possible for each person. Plus, who doesn’t wanna train with someone who always has a smile on their face?” - Helen

Paul Salvador


The hard work, sacrifice, dedication, blood, sweat and tears is just the beginning. I enjoy learning and love teaching. All here are welcome.

Practice a martial art while getting in shape.
Build technique & Develop confidence.

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Sick Side Muay Thai

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